Restore Donation Criteria

Thank you for thinking of Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County with regards to your donation.

Please be considerate of the following guidelines when you make a donation:

No…hazardous material, dried paint, rusted paint cans, leaking or bent cans or tops of cans

No…open or partially used chemicals

No…ripped, stained, torn, broken, splintered, or damaged items

No…item with mold, mildew, or other water damage

No…item with visible glue, mortar, nails or screws protruding

No…item with pet hair or other pet or smoke damage or odor

No…tanks -like propane or helium, ammunition, or firearms

No…used carpet - Carpet must be new –“never lived in”

No…used mattresses, recliners, or sleeper sofas

No…old tube or non-working television sets or monitors…no CRT monitors

Please keep in mind that it really helps us if donated items are in excellent condition with all parts and hardware included.

Please be aware that sometimes items simply cannot be assessed for acceptance without seeing them first. If you have any questions about an item Please consider emailing photos to: or call us for guidance at 281-890- 5585 and provide a detailed description to a store team member before bringing merchandise to us. Please also be aware that this list of guidelines is not exhaustive and other items may be refused at the store manager’s discretion.

Thanks so much for helping us with your donations!