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Disaster Preparedness


Disasters can strike at any moment, with little notice. In order to protect your home and family, it is important to be prepared.

Habitat Ready helps homeowners make a family preparedness plan, put together a supply kit and be ready to respond to common hazards in their community.

Family Preparedness Plan 

The Family Preparedness Plan plan contains four steps that families should take to be ready for any disaster.

Family Communication Plan

When a disaster strikes, your family might not be together, and communication channels might be down. It is important to plan how you will contact one another and discuss how you will communicate in different disaster situations.

Disaster Supply Kit 

A disaster supply kit includes items your family might need to survive in the event of a disaster. You can purchase a pre-assembled emergency supply kit or create your own.

Emergency Assistance Information 

Community resources you can turn to after a disaster.

For a more comprehensive list of disaster preparedness plans and information, read more.