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Homeowner Application Criteria

Every applicant must be willing to commit to adhere to our strict partnership guidelines.  Once accepted into our program, we provide mentors who meet regularly with Habitat homebuyers to guide them through the partnership process. Applicants must meet the following criteria, to qualify for our program:

1. Have a need for adequate housing

    The housing you live in now is at least one of the following:

  • Overcrowded
  • Poorly maintained (substandard)
  • In a dangerous neighborhood
  • Live with family, or friends, or in a long term shelter

2. Demonstrate the ability to pay for a Habitat home

  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • You must have an acceptable credit history and score above 550.
  • You must fall within 40%-60% of the Harris County low income guidelines for a family of your size.
  • Currently the minimum income/year requirement is $21,000 for a family of 1.  Please refer to our income chart below for more information.

3. Be willing to partner

  • You are willing to complete 200 hours of sweat equity, where you work on your own home and your neighbor’s homes

*If a couple is married, both incomes must be counted and both names must be on the deed. 

Household Size Minimum - Maximum income
1 person $24,840-$37,260
2 people $28,360-$42,540
3 people $31,920-$47,880
4 people $35,440-$53,160
5 people $38,280-$57,420
6 people $41,120-$61,680
7 people $43,960-$65,940
8 people $46,800-$70,200

Do you have questions about homeownership with Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County?  Contact our Homeowner Services department at 281-477-0460 or email Jarvas Hodge at