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Faith Relations

Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County was founded by 12 area churches in the community, driven by a shared commitment to combat the lack of affordable housing. These churches united with the vision of making a significant impact by providing safe and affordable homes to those in need, laying the foundation for what has become a crucial organization in the fight for housing equity. Since then, we have maintained a strong relationship with the local churches in our community, including those that were our founding members. We continue to foster and build these relationships with religious leaders, finding common ground in our mission to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

Current Faith Partners

Church of the Good Shepherd
Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church
Hosanna Lutheran Church
John Wesley Church
Kinsmen Church
Klein United Methodist Church
Lakewood Methodist Church
Northwoods Presbyterian
Prince of Peace Catholic Community
St. Aidan's Episcopal Church
St. John Vianney Catholic Church
Windwood Presbyterian Church

Becoming A Faith Relations Liaison

Meetings: Attend 1-on-1 or group meetings in order to be fully informed about Habitat’s mission, events, and activities.

Recruit: Actively work to secure the local faith-based groups for volunteerism and fundraising.

Build Relationships: Build the relationship between Habitat for Humanity and the congregation, ensuring the needs of both organizations are being met.

Facilitate Communication: Act as a bridge between Habitat for Humanity and community partners, ensuring clear and consistent communication regarding projects, events, and needs.

Recruit Volunteers: Engage your church community in the Habitat mission and encourage individuals to volunteer with us on the build site.

Organize Events: Plan and coordinate events that promote Habitat’s mission at your church’s local events and Sunday services.

Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with Habitat for Humanity’s initiatives, goals, and community impact to effectively communicate this information to the congregation.

Gather Feedback: Collect and relay feedback from members to improve Habitat for Humanity’s programs and strengthen community relations.

Represent the Organization: Serve as a representative of Habitat for Humanity at any church related and community events.


Learn More

Interested in becoming a Faith Relations Liaison? Reach out to our Development Manager, Taylor Powell, or call the office at (281) 477-0460.